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Reyes Property Management. Group Inc. / San Diego, CA                                        2004 to 2004

Project Manager

  • Responsibilities included but where not limited to the following duties and task; As Project Manager I was given the task of planning, developing and deploying all (EPP) deliverables based on business requirements, which encapsulated the entirety of the Enterprise Project Plan.
  • Gathering project requirements, project plan development, product research, testing and purchasing, provider account management, supervising the development, testing and deployment of all task and sub-task for each of the project deliverables. The (EPP) consisted of two major sub-projects which in their own life cycle included several task and sub-task as the project requirements and project plan dictated at each interval of the project life cycle. The following is a brief description of the two major sub-projects which made up the entirety of the (EPP).
  •  Adding, upgrading, reconfiguring and removing old and recent network infrastructure technologies with the end purpose of meeting all the projects requirements as it involved the company’s network infrastructure. Some portions of this sub-project required that the current network infrastructure be upgraded; by purchasing new server units and re-designating existing less capable server units to less resource intensive rolls. CAT cabling, switches, routers, and nodes cards where upgraded and some node converted to WI-FI Technology. Also; in this view of the project the task of creating a bridge between the company’s two locations was also addressed, two local LAN’s had to be setup for both of the administrative offices and its own local entities. One location only becoming a local LAN and the more complex site the 400 unit complex becoming a local LAN with a WI-FI bridge to other buildings with the complex and its portable roaming nodes. (i.e. Security Dept., Maintenance Dept., Social Services Dept., and the on-site pre-school building.
  • Adding, upgrading, reconfiguring and removing old and recent network software technologies, this sub-project consisted in brief detail the researching and testing of new software products and services with the providers test case assistance in some cases and others in a lab environment setting. The new technologies brought in for this sub-project where new server operating system, server application like SQL Server to meet the data gathering needs of the business, communication applications like Exchange Server 2003 to meet this purpose, the configuration and usage of IIS 6.0 and SharePoint Portal services to meet the business needs to easily allow for document collaboration between employees.


RNC Central Committee 79 th Dist./San Diego, CA                                                  2003 to 2004

Project Manager

Responsibilities included but where not limited to the following duties and task; planning, developing and deploying all (APP) deliverables based on business requirements, which encapsulated the entirety of the Application Project Plan.

  • Gathering project requirements, project plan development, with the emphasis of finding the most viable technology to deploy for the purpose of meeting the (APP). Supervising the development, testing and deployment of all task and sub-task for each of the application project deliverables. The (APP) consisted of meeting not only immediate business goals, but also emphasized the need for ease of use, simple maintenance and long-term maintenance and scalability. The following is a brief description of the task and sub-task which made up the entirety of the (APP).


  • Researching software technologies for the purpose of meeting the application project plan deliverables, supervising the development, testing and deployment of each phase of the project plan and serving as the projects lead information’s contact person to all 79 th Dist. RNC members and delivering project status reports and goal acquisitions and revisions made to the project plan.

UPS United Parcel Service/Mahwah, NJ                                                                         2002 to 2003

Data warehousing and Business Intelligence Specialists

Responsible for global support and Architecture for application groups using Brio Intelligence Reporting System (i.e. Financial Data Mart Group, Marketing Group, Capital Corp Group, Euro Cash, HUB2K, DB2 OLAP, etc.)

Supporting and administering all Brio and Web Servers on “farm” setup. Certification and modification of ODS plug–in distribution as well as training users (approx. user count at present time 13,600) Setup and configuration for Test, Development and Production environments. Responsible for Repository migration, upgrades and modification on Oracle (4 Terabyte Warehouse System). Responsible for auditing, row level security and trigger setups.

Responsibilities include documentation, architecture diagrams, auditing, row level security, developing Oracle triggers, user requirement gathering, EIS Jscript programming, repository migration, upgrades and modifications on Oracle. Administrative function like adding and removing users, groups, folders and documents, open catalog extensions, server monitoring. Registering documents, scheduling jobs, customization of Brio repository tables.

Installation, Setup, configuration, testing of our MictroStrategy7 application. Development, testing of customization using MictroStrategy SDK tools. Building projects using Project Builder, Customizing and developing and modifying reports using Desktop.

Application Developed

  • COM objects “.dll” in JAVA for customized Brio Intelligence Plug-in Distribution working off Indication with in a customs Oracle Table which handles Brio User Security by kicking off triggers when new users are added.
  • Brio Intelligence Web Administrator Application to perform administrative function online via secure site.
  • Information Delivery Team Intranet Application Portal.
  • Call tracking system, which includes active Que, personal Que’s and call entering, updating and closing. Brio Intelligence and Microstrategy reports build to relay status report and workflow and resource percentages.

Sikorsky Aircraft / Stratford, CT                                                                                   2002 to 2002


Information Management Specialist

Assisting with the design, development and deployment of “WCS Material Operations” Brio reporting and OLAP applications architecture.

Organizing of Brio Servers (Setup and configuration) for Test, Development and Production environments.

Assisting with Reverse Engineering of Sikorsky Data Warehouse Model. Modeling Star Schema, Identifying Primary and Foreign keys. Creating indexes, Materialized Views, Stored Procedures, and Triggers. Setting-up packages.

Brio Report and Brio Application Development:

  • Spares Matrix (Multi-query reports and EIS Dashboard application SQL & JScript)
  • Consolidated Demand (Simple queries report and EIS Dashboard application SQL & JScript)
  • DLA / DVD (Simple query reports and EIS Dashboard application SQL & JScript)
  • Exception reports (Simple query reports SQL)
  • Tuning existing Brio reports. (Simple SQL)
  • “Ad hock” and “CAN” Brio reporting. (Queries & EIS Dashboard application SQL & Jscript)

OLAP projects are as follows:

  • Portal Application. (ASP application)
  • Project Management Application. (ASP application)
  • System Development Application. (ASP application)
  • Consolidation of Brio OnDemand (OLAP) server to WCS Intranet.

Visual Basic Applications:

  • 1. Spares Vision v1.0 (Application designed to provide real-time military logistics information and spares data for our marquee product (i.e. Black Hawk, Comanche and commercial helicopters) to our WCS Material Operations department customer support services personnel and customer base.

Miscellaneous extra duties:

  • 1. Development of user training course, curriculum, documentation reference material.

Carnival Cruise Lines / Miami, FL                                                                               2000 to 2002

Business Intelligence Specialist

Brio client side user support. Brio software installation and configuration to our database engines. Software troubleshooting, user training, software and SQL benchmarking using “Precise”.

“Ad hock” and “CAN” Brio reporting based on user requirements gathered through our “System Development Model” for all our departments (i.e. Marketing, Reservations, Operations Accounting, and Guest Relations. Etc.) Reporting details include and are not limited to basic high level reporting through low level detailed reporting for our CRM, CMS, RMS, H&D, eLabor Web Time Tracking, and Procurement System Models.

  • Basic SQL scripting to complex stored procedure writing. For our Oracle8i, Oracle11i (financials), SQL Server, PeopleSoft Payroll, Progress and El Dorado databases as well as flat files. Computed item building using several Brio SQL methods as well as custom SQL methods for equation handling.
  • Brio report automation “One click function reporting”, EIS dashboard scripting (Actual deployment samples available upon request for both instances) Report types include Forecasting, Pricing, Market Trend, Survey Results, Customer Tracking, Agent Statistical reports, etc.

Brio reports maintenance and actualizing, data modeling and data dictionary building and actualizing using Erwin and Visio.

Administrative duties include Brio Broadcast and OnDemand server administration, maintenance and tuning, user and group control, Broadcast job monitoring and actualizing, Administrations. Printer, directory, polling connection creation and actualization as well as enterprise report distribution. OnDemand server web page customization. Server upgrades, application development, testing and deployment. Windows 2000 Server Operating system administering and maintenance as well as Terminal services setup and administration. For all 3 of our Brio dedicated servers. IIS 5.0 Administrations.


The Sutherland Group / San Diego, CA                                                                       1998 to 2000

Micron Senior Support Specialist / Brio Software Engineer

My responsibilities as Senior Level Micron Support Specialist included assisting our Micron technical support staff to troubleshoot Micron personal computers system for an end user market, specializing on Windows NT 4.0 WS and Server. Operating system installations, system registry editing, software and hardware troubleshooting including and not limited to component software drivers or office and media software. Hardware troubleshooting Network, modem, video, SCSI controller, ULTRA 66 controller, and sound cards. Troubleshooting motherboards, DVD/CDR and CDRW ROM’s, Monitors, mouse’s and keyboards. BIOS resetting and upgrading.

My responsibilities as Brio software engineer included providing phone and email support to our wide Brio One customer base. Providing our customer base with inside knowledge of our Brio One software suite functionality, methods and capabilities. Assisting customers with Brio client and server side functionality issues such as (i.e. Connections, scheduling, registering, building computed items, pivots, reports, charts, sub-query’s, OLAP query’s, pick list, EIS dashboards and bug detection) as well as proving certain level of custom SQL scripting. Supporting customer with software installation and configuration walk through as well as back end configuration to Oracle, SQL server, DB2, Essbase, etc (All support databases).


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